Why do I need to consider mobile when developing my website?

The last couple of years have seen a dramatic increase in the number of consumers using smartphones in Australia. By 2015 it is estimated that there will be 18.5 million smartphones in Australia. The increased popularity of smartphones has also seen a spike in consumers using these devices for accessing websites and performing web searches. A 2010 Australian based Nielsen survey revealed that 73% of smartphone users had used their mobile phone for internet searches.

Business owners should not need to be told about the importance of a professional web presence but with the growth of smartphones you now also need to consider what devices are being used to try and find your business. There are many differences between a regular website and a website that is designed for mobile devices. Not only are you dealing with a completely different screen resolution but there are numerous of considerations that include:
• The amount of content and pages on a mobile website should be optimised for a different type of user and different speeds available on mobile networks (as opposed to broadband internet connections).
• Mobile search engines have different requirements to regular search engines. Mobile search engines also have smart location based search features which aid on-the-go consumers who are trying to find businesses of interest while they're out.
• Smartphone web browsers have strict structure rules which need to be complied with to ensure a website will display correctly on a mobile device.
• With many smartphones being touch-screen, the user-interface requirements of mobile sites differ from traditional websites.

Apart from the above technical differences between traditional websites and mobile websites, there is a fundamental difference in what users expect from a mobile website to a traditional website. For example, a traditional website may dedicate pages of text about the business and detailing services offered and so forth. Displaying all of this information on a mobile website is a good way of losing your audience. Content on mobile devices needs to be to the point and give the user the information they're after as quickly and concisely as possible.

Central Coast Web Design can assist you with a mobile strategy for your business and can assist you with developing a mobile website that will work in tandem with your current website taking your user to the site that is right for the device they're browsing on. Contact Us today and we'd be happy to assist you with your a mobile strategy for your business.