Our web design services in-depth

Central Coast Web Design is more than just your average website development company. We understand that there is more to having a successful online presence than just a website. We also understand that a successful web presence requires more than slapping together a quick and nasty website that will leave your customers underwhelmed!

As a business you need to think of your website as another shopfront or in some cases (if you're an online only business) your only shopfront. Put your customer hat on now and consider how a shopfront affects your buying habits. Let's take a car yard as an example. Let's start with ACME Cars. ACME Cars are a car yard that has been around for years, the yard itself is dated, there are few cars on display, signage is broken and the showroom is run-down. Let's move on to Flashy Motors who are the new yard in town. They have splashed out on signage and branding, have plenty of stock on display and a shiny new showroom. Let's say there is neglibible price differences between the 2 yards and you're a consumer. Which yard are you more likely to buy from? 

The above example translates very well to websites. These days your customers will most likely be jumping online before they go anywhere near your physical store and guess what? They're also going to be checking out all of your competitors websites at the same time. So you've got to ask yourself what kind of impression you want to convey to your customers or potential customers when they visit your website? We see so many Central Coast websites where the online presence does not reflect their business. A shiny physical showroom and a generic looking, hard to navigate and amateur looking website.

At Central Coast Web Design our aim is to work with you to create a website that has a design that best reflects your business and branding. On top of this we understand that usability is vital to good design. We also have the know-how to ensure your site can be found by customers and potential customers. How do we do this? Well we're not just a one man band, we have a team of designers, developers and marketing experts so we can cover all facets of your web presence. So if you're looking for a partner to work with you in creating this presence we'd love to speak with you. Contact Us today!