Why an E-commerce Website is a Beacon of Light for your Business

Let's face it, we have all trolled through the net and come across a website or e-commerce site that is frustrating to use, dodgy looking and makes you question the quality of the product being sold. It's a sad fact of life.  If you have these feelings about a store you walk into – you would probably turn around and walk out!  The reality is the same in the online world… a poor e-commerce website has the same effect as physically walking into a store.  With online sales trampling over the retail sector, isn't it worth investing in an e-commerce website that makes your business shine?  Well, with Central Coast Web Design our goal is make your e-commerce website stand out as a beacon of light for your business, ensuring that those websites and e-commerce sites that we have seen and screwed our noses up at – are a thing of the distant past.


Central Coast Web Design is proud to provide e-commerce solutions to its customers whilst maintaining the highest standards of web development.  Building an e-commerce site requires significant forethought and an array of skill and techniques to meet the individual requirements of each business.  A good e-commerce website is there not only to enhance a business's presence but also be welcoming and functional so that it convinces visitors to become customers.  Without the salesperson physically beside you in the store, answering questions and enticing the customer – e-commerce sites must act as that salesperson in your ear.  It must be functional, clear and direct; easy for even the most basic of computer users and visually creative and interesting to engage the potential consumer.  It is these different aspects within a website that must be worked on in order to provide an optimal user experience.  The end result of a high performing website is one that is informative, sales orientated and memorable for visitors. 


The team at Central Coast Web Design are experts in all areas of web development.  We have been working on creating dynamic, innovative and functional websites for a number of years.  It is these years of experience by our professionals that has enabled us to listen to your business requirements and imagine a creative and optimal design for your website.  Through constant education and exploration of up to date trends and technologies, the team at Central Coast Web Design make sure that your website or e-commerce site will be the shining beacon of your business.  We know how font, colours, images, the delivery of information and the entire content of a website directly impacts on the behaviour of a visitor on a website.  It is about getting all of these elements to work in a way that enhances your business objectives and/or product – and at Central Coast Web Design – this is our number one objective!


Our first target is to develop the website in such a way that it looks informative and easy to understand.  First Impressions are paramount and serve as the basis of compelling visitors to stay on your website for a longer time, allowing them to peruse the websites services and/or products.  The longer a visitor stays on your website the higher the chances are that they will become a customer.   It is important that when a customer decides to go ahead with their online purchase that the signing up process should be seamless and easy to complete, allowing visitors to buy the products and pay for them without hassle and with secure payment procedures.  Online Shopping Reports have shown that customer frustration occurs when information goes missing at checkout due to poor programming or a bug on the page.  Quality for the customer must be seen not only in the product you are selling but also in the secure, hassle free purchase of that product.


Central Coast Web Design possess the knowledge of latest technologies, trends and methodologies in the industry to make e-commerce websites successful and impressive.  We know that we are not simply creating websites for desktops and laptops alone.  Today, a large portion of e-commerce activities from around the world are done through tablets and smartphones.  This is the reason why a website from Central Coast Web Design is responsive and fit perfectly on any screen size.  This ensures that you don't lose sales from any available platform, whether it be tablets, laptops and smartphones.


If you are looking for a company that will handle your e-commerce website design with the upmost integrity, then Central Coast Web Design is the right company for you.  Central Coast Web Design is created not only with your business needs in mind, but also with a focus on your visitors and what they want from an e-commerce website.  We endeavour to work with you in creating a site that is dynamic, responsive and friendly, not only for consumers but for search engines so that your website can be searched easily by visitors from around the world.  Let Central Coast Web Design take your business to the next level and deliver results worldwide, so that your e-commerce website is a beacon of light for your business.