Making Your Website Memorable

It's very common to hear and read online that websites must be user friendly and easy to navigate in order for visitors and customers to return. However, other important aspects of making a website effective can often be overlooked if businesses focus solely on this user-friendliness. One of these other aspects include how memorable a website is. It's true that a user friendly website will be remembered by a visitor but if a website is not only user-friendly but creatively visual and unique, it will be remembered and even preferred over other websites.


Big companies and brands always put their best efforts into making their websites memorable. Making a website memorable is part of improving the user experience. Creative designs, helpful web applications and unique esthetic effects are all part of the user experience. It's important however, that a professional takes up the responsibility of deploying those creative effects and features. Poor use of the ideas mentioned can result in undesirable results such as slow loading pages, not being viewed correctly on different browsers or mobile devices and poor integration of external links and features.


Here are some important reasons for having a visual and creative focus for your website design:


Distinguishing yourself as a brand

A website that's easy to use and navigate is definitely a great help for the hundreds or thousands of visitors who engage with that website on a daily basis. However, this does not distinguish you and your business as a brand. There are millions of other websites on the internet that are easy to use with helpful features so that alone cannot define your site as unique. Uniqueness will come from the deployment of some creative ideas on the website that will harness a powerful image of your brand. It is important here that you have a distinctive brand identity as well.


Become the preferred choice

As mentioned above, a user friendly website will be remembered by a visitor, but a website that's user friendly and creative will be remembered and favoured. It's natural and obvious that a visitor will prefer to go to a website that is easy to use and has some creative aspects to it over a website that lacks creativity.


Be shared online

Social networking platforms are the biggest help for online businesses today. If you have a strong online presence, there should be no doubt in your mind that people will discuss you, your business or your brand on social networking platforms. However, nothing makes people talk about a business more than a striking experience. The Internet is loaded with information – much of it clichéd and repeated. People don't see new stuff every day and thus they take no notice of ordinary looking websites. If they visited your website and were dazzled by a creative web application or unique visual elements, they are definitely going to share it with their peers and online friends.


Be in competition

Competition among online businesses is extremely tough. It's not easy to be on top or stand apart from other businesses in your industry. There are always some giants in a particular industry and these giant businesses often swallow the identity of smaller businesses. The best way to stay in competition is to show your visitors, customers and competitors that you are fully equipped and loaded with the latest tools. The constant updates, upgrades and creative additions to your website are a true sign that you might be a small business but are definitely a big competitor.


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