Simple steps to ensure your website stands out from the pack

The Internet is a place where competition is toughest among businesses. There is no doubt about the fact that websites now play an essential role in how popular a business is and how it performs in the market. After knowing the name of your business, the next thing people look for is your website address. People then access these websites from their computers and mobile devices. This is the time when a company has the opportunity to either make a customer, or lose a potential lead. The way your website is made plays an important role in how many people become customers and how many leave the website within the first 10 seconds.

Why Do You Need A Unique Website?

People have hundreds and thousands of options for almost anything on the internet. Even if you are selling unique and ancient items, there is the chance that hundreds of other websites might be offering the same stuff. Furthermore, just like our real world the internet is a virtual world. Your website on the internet is like your company building in reality. The experience you give your visitors on your website has a big impact on whether the customer will return to your website or prefer the website of your competitor when he/she needs to buy something. In short, you must tell your local and international audience about your existence and make it visually appealing.


How to make your website better than your competitor's

  • The first thing is that your website must load quickly. A fast loading website will already have a very positive impression on your visitors when they open the website for the first time.

  • Keep the layout, arrangement and design of your website simplistic. Your first time visitor should be able to see all the tabs, images and content easily and vividly.

  • Don't forget to keep your website content informative. After your website has impressed your visitor by opening quickly, it's time to give the visitor what he/she's actually there for. The more relevant the content is to a visitor's search the higher the chances of conversion.

  • Keeping navigation simple and easy for visitors is another big target that all websites must achieve. Your visitor must never feel lost on your website. Keep a separate home button or make the logo of your business clickable on your website. Use breadcrumbs, sitemaps and search box options to facilitate your visitors when they are exploring your website.

  • Don't forget to reflect your business identity from your website. This is what sets you apart from your competitors. Design the website so that it becomes a representation of your brand. Use your brand colors and highlight your logo in the best way possible.

  • Serve all the visitors from all around the world by creating a mobile website or a native application. We all know that our devices are going mobile and a huge number of people today like to browse the internet and do online shopping from their mobile devices. Make sure that the user experience of your customers and visitors is not compromised on tablets and smartphones.

  • The key to beat your competitors today is to be socially present. Use online social networking websites for keeping in touch with your customers. Give them perks, discounts and other special offers on your social networking pages. Keep them engaged.

  • Have a blog where you can post the latest news about your business, products and services. Use the blog to answer the questions and concerns of your customers. If you are good to your customers, they will be good to you.

Finally, an important point that every business owner with an online website must know is that creating a website is only the first step. Maintaining the website and your online presence with consistency is what guarantees the future of your business. If you want the most from your website contact Central Coast Web Design on 02 4341 3313 or email to discuss making your website stand out from the rest and show the heart of your business.