Why A Website's First Impression Is Essential…

The world is changing and more and more people are now shopping from their homes. The new return and refund policies have taken away the fears from the minds of the people about not being able to return products if they were not exactly how they looked on the website. Methods of shopping have definitely changed – but how people do their shopping is still the same as before. People like to look at their options and explore before they place an order for a product with a company. That's where you have to ensure that your website does justice to your business.


Only when visitors are impressed with your online presence will they order anything from you. First, you must know what your visitors exactly want. Second, you must not irritate them with ads and promotions that are completely irrelevant to their online shopping experience. Third, you must give them an experience that compels them to return to you in the future. Here are some tips to add the pulling force to your website so more and more customers feel like visiting and purchasing from your website.


Tips to Improve the Impression of Your Website


• The design and layout of your website are the first things that a visitor will glance at. A simple and easy-to-comprehend design is always highly recommended. Your website design and layout must not overwhelm your visitors. Information should be easily readable and tabs and clickable links should look organized. Where you put the links and tabs on the page is also of utmost importance.


• The second thing a visitor will notice on your website is your identity. Make sure your website is composed of the same colours as your brand. If your brand has black and red whereas your website is designed in green and blue, this could be the most awkward experience for your customers and visitors. Reflect your brand and brand colors through your website.


Use the latest development methods and applications to help your visitors in shopping and make their experience memorable. Offer them suggested products on your website based on what they are looking for. Place relevant ads for them so they can actually benefit from them.


Be socially active and let your website visitors know that you are. This is done by connecting your web pages with your social networking page of the business. Integrate news and latest posts from your blogs on your website. Let some feeds from famous blogs roll on your website.


• One of the most important concerns for all online users is safety and security. Make your website safe and secure. Use secure servers and guarantee that all user information is encrypted. Use the safest payment methods on your e-commerce website.


Be with the customer. This is done by giving your visitor an impression that you are there to help if anything goes wrong. The “contact us” button or “live help” are great options. Provide an email address and phone number on the website. Have an online form on the website for visitors to send their complaints and feedbacks to you.


Interact with your customers and visitors. Answer their queries and questions. You can have a separate blog for this purpose or use your social networking page to interact with the customers. Make sure to interact with them and solve their problems. The least you can do is answer their concerns if you can't solve the problem immediately.


• Lastly, don't make your website a burden for your visitors by overstuffing it with images, videos and other things. Keep the design light so the pages load fast. A slow website, especially an e-commerce website, can be a big annoyance for online users.


While keeping an eye on these factors, make sure you continue to make changes and improve to ensure the customers' experience on your website is memorable. The more frequently your website is updated and upgraded, the more your customers will stay in contact. If you would like any assistance with these suggestions on improving the impression of your website, call Central Coast Web Design on 43 413313 43 413313or email Central Coast Web Design for more information.