Basic Social Media Tips for Business

You would think with the word “basic” in the title that every man and his dog would be able to grasp these digital marketing tools for business – yet we see so many businesses floundering in the online realm of digital/social media marketing! It's not as easy as one thinks and that's why this month's blog is dedicated to basic social media tips for business! ;) So here goes…

1. Understand the Platform
It's important to ensure you are using the best social media platform for your company or business. With so many out there it's essential to do your homework. Work out what your target market might be using and how you can reap the rewards of the digital age! Everybody might use Facebook – but is it the best option for your demographic? Know the capabilities of your social media platform, what it is good for, what it lacks and use this to your advantage… knowledge is an important tool here in the success or failure of marketing your business online.


2. Don't constantly sell
If you are a business that is constantly pushing “the hard sell”, then this alienates and annoys potential customers. Social media marketing's most successful tool is establishing brand awareness. You only post from a selling perspective – it shows a lack of compassion and humanity – you are not about the service – you are about the $$$! Offer value in your posts, update them on what's in store, link to industry blogs, forums etc. Show that you are more than the product!

3. Post regularly
When people go to your Facebook site to check you out, (and analytics will tell you they do!) it is important to post regularly. When you fail to do this it suggests one of two things… a) you are too lazy to post – which is not a good look for your business! Or b) you could no longer be in business! Regular posts keep you engaged on your social platform, you will appear more regularly in news feeds! But be careful… too many posts can also alienate your audience – they become easily bored and frustrated from post after post… There needs to be balance.


4. Use good photography
Whether it's professional photography, amateur photography or stock photography, it's important to ensure that the photos are in focus, relevant and visually pleasing! Using good photography also enables you to connect like a friend – instead of a business! Because social media is predominately visual – photography is important and so you should spend time finding the right image to complement what you are trying to say! Be strategic as well with your images. For example – don't just post a necklace, post someone enjoying wearing that necklace! Make the necklace shine!


5. Respond to all comments
It is important to respond to all comments both positive and negative. It shows you are present and dedicated to your business and are active online. Avoid negativity in newsfeed comments – instead private message and sort out the situation.

6. Cross Promote
To increase your page visibility it is important to promote it and keep interest going! Link your page to your website and promote it on:
Business cards
Marketing material
Other social networks

7. Invest in your social media platform
Social media is now a necessity for businesses and as such you should invest in marketing it further. Promoted posts, sponsored stories, Offers, Facebook Ads etc. all help increase your likes, engagement, visibility, promotion of events, products, services etc. Having a budget set aside for this will ensure your digital marketing will be more successful.


8. Engage with the customer/No lengthy posts/Avoid negativity
Whilst I said it's important not to do “the hard sell” it is also important to ensure all content is “topic related”. Engage with the customer through humour, interaction, offering discounts and promotions, education etc. Stimulate the user/potential customer to get involved with your business… ask questions… Ask them to like or share…But remember to get the posts precise and on point. Rambling posts easily bore attention spans and after they see a few they will simply scan over your posts all together! Try not to be overly personal and avoid negativity. You want to connect like a friend but remember you are a business – sometimes this is a hard line to walk…


Whilst these are eight basic tips – it's clear that social media marketing is essential for all businesses today. There is a lot to get your head a round however when applied correctly social media marketing can be a great asset for your business. Central Coast Web Design excel in marketing local businesses online. We would be happy to have a chat with you and assist in making sure you are doing all you can to highlight your business on the wide array of social media platforms available. Contact us or email us today for more information.