Why it is essential have technology in your restaurant

There’s no doubt that having a restaurant is a full-on undertaking for a business.  With so many elements to manage, many restaurant owners throw the idea of a website for their restaurant to the side.  What many don’t realise is that this is a digital age where our entire lives have become reliant upon technologies like the internet, smart phones, iPads, Facebook, Instagram etc. With over 80% of internet users researching restaurants online – you need to make your impression as a leading restaurateur in the food industry and local area enticing for potential customers.



How can a website help my restaurant?


Having a digital outreach increases your brand and visibility

Several food discovery platforms allow customers to digitally evaluate a restaurant and give reviews.  Many customers use these as a basis for where to dine.  Isn’t it better to have the upper hand on this with a website that lets people know who you are?  Give people a feel for your restaurant, menu and dining atmosphere.  Promoting your food vision through a visual and informative site that reflects the essence of your dining experience will allow visitors to see your restaurant through the same eyes that you do.  Connecting this to a well – managed social media page creates “chatter” about your restaurant. Interest is created, and your brand is strengthened.  In all honesty, not having a digital presence in today’s world makes a restaurant seem more suspect.


A web presence allows you to promote your products/services and events or promotions

Does your restaurant offer catering services in addition to your daily menu?  Do you have special events, “valentine’s day meals, Mother’s Day luncheons etc”?  Your customers may not know this! By having this information on your website, you can provide guests with up-to-date information and promotions. Create a mailing list option so you can email them this important information and develop a more personal relationship with your client base.


Streamline your inventory management, automate bookings, back end platforms and digital payments.

Running a restaurant is hard enough without having to worry about the “boring” side of the business.  Think about how you can streamline your inventory management, automate bookings and digital payments.  Think smarter so you don’t have to drive yourself and employees into the ground. By accessing the multitude of digital solutions for your business you can focus more on creating awesome food in a pleasant and harmonious environment.


There’s 24 hours in a day, seven days in a week to turn potential customers into reservations!

Take control of your presence on the web. And use your time more efficiently with a strong and connected web presence.  Create an effective ‘online solution’, which enables customers to find you.  Remember your website is a ‘virtual storefront’ that will answer visitors’ questions on hours of operation, payment methods, menu and location.


Just as you pay for quality with the food you eat, the same should be applied when arranging a website.  Make sure your website is functional on all platforms, easy to manage and update and has the SEO and Call to Actions required to grab a potential customer.  Central Coast Web design know how to make a website for foodies’ standout! We have a professional photographer that will capture the essence and feel of your kitchen and restaurant, present the food in a mouth-watering portrayal and interpret the food and atmosphere in a way that will make the customer jump on the phone to book asap!

Having an outstanding web presence that informs, entertains and entices should be essential for all restaurants.  Stand apart online and promote your restaurant with a strong web presence from Central Coast Web Design.