Why is my website not doing anything?


People often ask the question “I have a website but why isn't it doing anything?!” And to answer this – I like to use the analogy of the car.

If you go out and buy a car – that's great! You have expectations that this car is going to take you places…However you generally don't buy a car and not know how to drive it do you? You need to know not only HOW to DRIVE & MAINTAIN the CAR but also know the ROAD RULES that apply. Well, the same can be said for websites!


Know your Car (website!)

If you were buying a car you would think about its purpose and where it would be driven… locally? Freeway? Off-road? The same purpose applies to your website!
Know the purpose of your website. How do you want it to support your business? Are you trying to gain sales or leads? Bookings? Increase newsletter signups or sell products? Ensuring that your website is doing what you want it to, is the first step to making it a more viable asset for your business!


Make sure it's functional

If you purchased a car for off road adventures – you would make sure you have tires and the durability of shocks, brakes etc to make it work for those conditions. Same for your website! Making sure your site is user friendly helps your visitors to complete tasks successfully, engage visitors and help conversions. Just as you would go to your mechanic for upgrades and services… the SAME NEEDS TO BE DONE FOR YOUR WEBSITE! Navigation, Readability, Link recognition, CTA's, speed, SEO are all integral factors to the running of your website and need to be addressed by a professional. You wouldn't try and fix your car with no workable knowledge of mechanical repair – well the same can be said for your web presence.


Service, Maintain and Monitor regularly

Your car will break down and not work to its optimal efficiency if not serviced regularly and maintained carefully – Your website is the same!! You need to monitor and analyse the performance and functionality of your website (and like your car – if you can't do it yourself you go to a professional who can!). Google Analytics is an important tool in helping you see the length of time visitors stay on your site, what they are browsing and overall how your website is performing and how to better target your content and audience. Ensuring that it is mobile friendly and responsive on a multitude of devices is also essential for maintaining your customer base.


Adapt to Changes

When driving on the road – you need to adapt to constant changes in driving – be it traffic, weather, other drivers etc. The same can be said for your website! Factors like Google rankings, SEO, website speed, Navigation, Image appeal, Keywords, etc are all essential components to watch and maintain. Ensuring you have a strong and relatable social media presence as well as a digital marketing strategy all helps you drive your business in the world wide web more proficiently!! 😉



Overall, you cannot expect to get from point A to point B with your shiny new car without considering all the other determinate factors to get you there!! A good website, like a good car will be of great benefit  – but only if you treat it right! Central Coast Web Design know and understand web design. Why not ask us for an analysis of your website to see what can be done to improve its performance and functionality. Drive the web in style with a Central Coast Web Designed website! 😉