Caring for our world 3-part Blog series

MOBILE PHONES – How did we survive without them?


Welcome to part 3 on our Blog series on businesses caring for the environment through participating in the existing recycling services on the coast.  This week we look at Mobile Phones and how you can recycle them across the Central Coast.

Did you know that there are an estimated 31 million mobile devices active in Australia? What about the older devices? The phones no longer wanted or needed? New research reveals that most Australians (68%) struggle to get rid of mobile phones, finding it hard to part with them. The research also showed that this struggle to let go of things, once useful or valued, is contributing to Australians feeling stressed due to clutter building up in their homes. Given that there are approximately 23 million unused mobile phones hidden in our drawers and cupboards across Australia. Of those 5 million are broken and no longer working, I can see why there is stress!

So what should we do with mobile phones no longer in use?


Mobile phones DO NOT belong in the bin or in landfill.  They are not biodegradable and contain small amounts of potentially harmful substances that if not managed properly may harm the environment. By recycling your old mobile phones, plastics and metals are recovered and recycled and you are reducing potential greenhouse gas emissions.


What happens to the phones?

All mobile phone components are recycled to the highest environmental standards. None are refurbished or resold. Over 90% of the plastics and metals in the mobiles are recovered and used to make plastic fence posts, stainless steel and jewellery. It is estimated that one tonne of mobile phone circuits can yield the same amount of precious metals as 110 tonnes of gold ore, 123 tonnes of silver bearing ore and 11 tonnes of copper sulphide ore. By using these recycled products, rather than the raw materials, greenhouse gas emissions are reduced.


Recycling 50,000 mobiles saves 99 tonnes of mineral resources and 19 tonnes of CO2 emissions.  You can find out how much impact you're making from recycling your phone by visiting the MobileMuster Calculator.


Before you recycle your mobile, make sure to transfer any data off the phone that you would like to keep like music, pictures or documents.  For more tips on managing your data visit MobileMuster.


Australians can recycle their old mobile phones and accessories at their local Salvos store or drop them off at one of MobileMuster's 3,500 collection points across the country To find a drop centre go to to learn where your nearest spot is. Alternatively they can be posted back to MobileMuster using a free recycling satchel, available at Australia Post or the MobileMuster website.


It might hard to let go of that mobile phone but knowing you getting rid of it in a positive and ecological manner is guaranteed to make a difference for future generations.