Your Web Presence during COVID-19

For many businesses, an online presence wasn't a top priority. However with recent worldwide events changing our day to day world, Covid-19 has forced business owners to rethink these priorities and make changes to their business operations and strategies to ensure they make it through this global pandemic.


Here are a few things you can do help your business online.


If you don't have a website – now is the time to get one up and running.


Our advice is to think carefully about who you get to build your site. Many people will offer their services at cheap rate – however, with COVID -19 you will need to constantly make changes and updates to your site, and once a site is created – many do not hang around for the little things required to keep your site running as it should. Cheap = nasty in the web realm and it is particularly important to acknowledge that you are now relying on the look, navigation, and functionality of your website more than ever! SEO, Google rankings, keywords, security etc are all elements to consider in the running of your online business. The best advice we can give – is working with a quality web design company or contractor that can give you all these securities and more.


If you do have a website you need to think about the following…


Increasing website security measures.


Unfortunately, this global pandemic has created an opportunity for cyber attacks as more people are currently working from home. Phishing and scam websites are on the rise. Be wary of emails and attachments from unknown and unverified senders and ensure your customers are doing the same.


Update your website


Keep your customers updated through your FAQ and address common questions like modified business hours, change in products or services, new implementations of COVID procedures, possible delays in shipping due to COVID etc. Think about updating your website header, as well as your homepage. Both elements are valuable to google in emphasising what your site can be ranked for. These are the places where you want to push the information regarding how COVID -19 is affecting your business. Keep the language short but promote any new information in a positive and strong manner. You can also add an alert bar that sits above navigation. This is a practical tool that can notify customers to such things as limited hours, promotions, Covid related info etc. Updating your existing content to create new content that reflects the most recent changes to your business is also important in ensuring your website is active on google.


Reconnect with past and present customers through existing channels.


Communication is key during these times and its important to let past and present customers know you are still doing all you can. Email, Newsletter or Social Media posts will all help keep your business name out there and remind customers not only of your service and products – but that we are all in this together.


Social Media is Powerful during these uneasy times


Social media is being used more than ever as people are currently stuck inside their homes. They are relying on this medium as a form of entertainment, distraction, information, and discussion as their day to day life is on hold. Keep communication flowing and remember the adage of 60:20:20. 60% helpful/useful information, 20% support your followers/friends and other small businesses and 20% self-promotional to your business. Live streaming is quite popular now as it helps creatively engage, entertain, and/or inspire your customers/followers. Don't forget to branch out on a variety of social media platforms that suit your product or service.



Adapting to this new world of change is key for all businesses. Covid-19 has created many obstacles and change but one thing is clear for businesses and that is that now more than ever having an online presence for your business is an essential requirement.