Usability – What is it and how does it relate to web design?

A term forever thrown around the IT sector is usability. But for those looking at their web presence and how it can improve your business strategies – it is a term you need to understand so that your web platform is always running at optimal efficiency.

So, what is it?


Essentially, usability is assessing how well your website works for visitors navigating your platform. It is imperative to the survival of your website, as it should clearly show what a company offers and what the viewer can take away from your online platform. It relates to a user's experience when interacting with a product or system – be that website, software application, mobile technology or any user – operated device.
When evaluating the usability of a website it is essential to ensure that your website is:

• Efficient to use
• Simple to navigate
• Easy to read and remember
• Addresses all potential questions in an easy to use manner
• Allows for rapid recovery from errors
• Has clear and visible Call to Action buttons
• Quick to load and adaptable for a multitude of devices (I.e. iPhone, laptop, iPad, tablet etc)
• Manages to focus user's attention through both static and dynamic content and attractive interfacing.
• Makes effective use of Content, Headings, Keywords etc
• Not overloaded with text or images (white space helps reduce the cognitive load for visitors and creates a clean and polished look)


If a user can not use your web platform quickly or easily, they will simply move onto another site. They are impatient creatures that demand instant gratification. Ensuring that the usability of your website is functional and addressing the above-mentioned concerns is imperative to the conversion of sales. The benefits of usability are that customers will be satisfied and not frustrated with your site or product. Positive interaction on your site will cultivate confidence and trust and if visitors to your site are satisfied, they will become loyal and recommend your service or product to others. If you would like a usability assessment of your website, contact the team at Central Coast Web Design on 43413313.