Why having a Support Package is good for your Web Presence

You have paid for a swanky new website – because you know that having an online presence is essential to the marketing and promotion of your business. Well done! However, for some reason many people think that once their website is up – that nothing more needs to be attended to. Well if you thought of your car in that same manner – you would soon be broken down on the side of the road…if it was a puppy you bought – you'd soon realise that without the added extras of food, training, exercise and vet check-ups – that puppy is not going to live to his/her full potential and be a loving and valuable asset for your family….So why do people think differently when it comes to their business website? Like anything in life – you get back what you put into it! Ongoing support packages for your website will help ensure that your website is enhancing your business online.


Here are a few reasons why having a support package is beneficial for your website:


1. It is peace of mind…if something goes wrong you have someone on-hand to assist you. Everybody wants things done RIGHT NOW! And when it comes to ensuring your website is working to optimal effiantancy having an IT support team on standby will ensure that any issues can be fixed in a timely manner. Without a support package you risk having an outdated website within 6 months and will be ill-prepared for an emergency – and there will always be an emergency when it comes to the internet!


2. It is good for budgeting….by adding this cost into your budget upfront you will not be “surprised” down the track. Business owners seldom realise that you need to budget for ongoing maintenance costs that come with owning a website. These include ensuring that your technology is current and updated when needed, obtaining support for any changes, bugs or crashes, and protecting yourself from hackers.


3. You are getting a commitment from your service provider to be there WHEN you need it…without an agreement you are hoping that when you need help with your website an IT company will have availability to help you – TRUST ME – this is not always the case! IT workers have work often scheduled in months in advance – and those that are available at the drop of a hat…. well they may not be the best choice. Do they know the platform or the site as well as the company that built it? Keeping all IT services for your website with the one company can save you from any further issues and more money in the long run.


Our experience is that businesses that invest in a support agreement or maintenance contract have the right expectations regarding the success of their website. They build a good relationship with the web company. Whether it's updated content, security upgrades, maintenance reviews etc… a support package for your website needs to be included as part of the overall budget. Don't let your web presence sit on the side of that road, run down and an eyesore to view. Value it as an integral part of your business marketing. By doing so – you will have a support network with a company that understands the ins and outs of your website and will work with you in a timely manner to ensure your site is always 100% – allowing customers to see that you are serious about your online business.