Ensuring your digital health is priority.


Whilst we here at Central Coast Web Design LOVE all things technological – there comes a time when even we need to have a bit of digital detox or go on a digital diet so to speak! It's so easy to become wrapped up in this small block of communication & technology that gives us access to a multitude of things in an instant – that we begin to think that we can't live without it. Our phones as useful and important as they are, can also keep us one step away from a direct experience of what's going on around us – and therefore it's important to detox! 


In 2019, 91 % of Australians had a smartphone device according to Deloitte 2019 Mobile Consumer report. And lets face it, we spend a massive amount of time on these devices….not just for social media, but for work, research, emails, paying bills, transferring funds, using Apps, podcasts, reading articles, playing games, making lists, reminders etc. The categories are endless. Indeed, it is easy to get sucked into the world of technology and be constantly on our phones in the hope that it makes everything easier. So why would you want to spend time away from it?

For those of us that feel this way – and looking around – it's majority of the population – when our phone is taken away, we can become more anxious and stressed. It can impact sleeping patterns and ways in which we relax.


I think for many of us – this addiction to our phones comes from the fact that our jobs are more office based, relying on specific software and email communications to get the job done. The fact that this technology is at the touch of our hands means we can address any and all concerns in a timely and efficient manner – but it also means our minds are not letting go of that instant gratification of completing work in a timely manner.


So what can we do?


We are not suggesting we burn our phones and chant together in solidarity – BUT as technology continues to advance and grow, it is imperative we understand the fact that smart phones can over stimulate us and become a habit that leads to a poorer lifestyle.


It's important to:

• Rethink the relationship you have with technology.
• Think about creating a healthy habit with your phone – and be realistic in your goals so that it is sustainable over a long period of time.
• Create time out periods where you are deliberately away from your phone and computer.
• Cut out the apps that do not directly help you at work or home. You want to cut out unnecessary diversions or time-wasting activities that draw you away from the here and now.
• Discuss with your family the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between IRL (in real life) activities and the digital world. Experience nature, exercise and practising mindfulness will all help as you take time out from the digital world.


Ultimately a digital detox is a way to disconnect and reconnect. By taking regular time away from your phone you will feel calmer, more productive and content. Technology is a wonderful asset for both business and home, however it's important to ensure you are using it in a manner that doesn't damage your mental or physical health. The power to ensure technology remains a powerful asset for you in the workplace and at home – relies on our ability to withdraw and connect to the real world around us – not the world in the online realm, and for this – balance is key.