Why Professional Photography is an asset for your web presence

Nothing will make a web designer cringe more than when the client says, “I have my own photos I have taken that we can use!” Now we love client input, however 9 times out of 10 these images are of poor resolution, out of focus, not centred correctly and unfortunately do not enhance your business the way professional photography can. (insert sigh here) So when thinking of Images for your website it's important to think of how professional photography can enhance your website in the following ways:


They will further the promotion of your company and brand

Using professional photos on your ecommerce or web platform will garner more views to your site and promote your brand. You can use these images for a variety of purposes, and they will increase the cohesive direction of your business. You can use these images on social media, google, brochures, online directories etc. Professional images create a clean, specialised and cohesive view for your potential clientele.


They fit well into a modern web design

If you are paying for a new site, it's important to acknowledge that the images used will either enhance or decrease from your service or product. Large, relevant, high res photos are an essential element of putting together a well -formulated website that gets results.

Good Imagery improves Usability

Not only does professional photography showcase your work – it helps reinforce the point you wish to make. It can evoke emotions and communicate your business in a particular way. Good imagery aids the user in navigating the page quickly and easily. It should be relevant to the written content on your page and include alt-text descriptions and image title tags to help boost seo. It's vital that your high-quality images will not deter speed, and will continue to look impressive on a multitude of platforms.



Essentially, we humans are very visual creatures. We tend to focus on imagery before reading the wording on a website. With this in mind – having photography that entices viewers allows our brains to take in essential components about the product or service you are providing. Although the initial cost may be more than you want to spend – it is essential to view professional photography as an investment in your overall marketing. A website that contains unique, professional photography will create an impressive first impression to potential customers and grab people emotionally into your site from a visual perspective. If you want your website to look its absolute best – we highly recommend commissioning a professional photographer. Trust us when we say that the correct images will not only establish a strong link between the customer and company but will convert to leads and sales for your business.