Why you need to give your web design personality and more…


A website it now considered an essential component for any business. It acts like a calling card or shop window front for the goods and services you are providing. Given the number of websites on the internet today, and the relative ease it is for anyone to try and create their own from various free sites online – it is key that you know the key features that make a memorable web design so that it is unique and stands apart from the rest.

1. Know that it doesn't happen by accident

 A memorable design is a tool that will help create user connection and an optimal online experience.

2. Make a strong visual impression

 Strong images on the landing page and a seamless visual finish are key. Don't overcrowd your homepage with text, buttons or images. Think about keeping your homepage minimal and free of clutter. Create contrast between elements and think wisely about your selected images and/or video, as well as the ability to scroll and the typography you choose, as this all adds to or detracts from the design.


3. Ensure that your site is easy to navigate

 Have clear call to action buttons on your page. This is the tipping point between a bounce (when someone leaves your site) and a conversion. When done correctly a CTA will capture the attention of your viewer and encourage them click through. The most common CTAs are add to cart,
buy now, read more, try now, subscription sign ups, landing page sign ups to coupons, ebooks, free offers etc

4. Tell a good story

Ensure that it is clear to the viewer who you are and why you matter! Allow your content to sell your brand. Make sure content is easy to read and has important keywords threaded throughout for seo. Visuals alone – do not just tell the story!

5. Use Colour

 Too much colour in a web design can cause users to abandon the site, too little colour and the design can be forgotten. You need to find the right amount of colour that will stay in the user's mind and entice them onto further pages. Find a palette that reflects the confidence and strength of your brand and is pleasant and agreeable to the users.

6. Think about the senses
It sounds silly, but good design can evoke a sensual response connecting with a user's senses. Whether it's in the writing of content, colour choice, added audio or visual imagery, thinking about how to entice the user through sight, sound, touch, taste or smell is important….Asking customers to give feedback or describe their experience with your product or service is another great way to incorporate the senses.


7. Stay mobile friendly
Being mobile-friendly does not just mean that your website can be viewed on mobile devices. A mobile-friendly site should be designed specifically for smaller screens, allowing easy navigation via larger touch-screen buttons, and only display relevant information and content for the users' needs. By having a responsive site you are meeting the requirements of your greater market – on individual device that they are using.


8. And finally, personality
It's important that your website reflects your individual business ethic and brand. You want to show your authenticity and the qualities that set you apart from the competition. Think of your business and web design like a person – who is it and what are they like? Creating a personal experience for your customers, that reflects emotion, trust and the ethics of your brand and business is key to creating a memorable user experience.

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